The 1960s

ALL the hits.

Winter 1960

Spring 1960

Summer 1960

Fall 1960

Winter 1961

Spring 1961

Summer 1961

Fall 1961

Winter 1962

Spring 1962

Summer 1962

Fall 1962

Winter 1963

Spring 1963

Summer 1963

Fall 1963

Winter 1964

Spring 1964

Summer 1964

Fall 1964

Winter 1965

Spring 1965

Summer 1965

Fall 1965

Winter 1966

Spring 1966

Summer 1966

Fall 1966

Winter 1967

Spring 1967

Summer 1967

Fall 1967

Winter 1968

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Fall 1968

Winter 1969

Spring 1969

Summer 1969

Fall 1969

What’s in these playlists?

Every top 40 hit that peaked in that season of that year, plus other songs that missed the top 40 but that have gone down as classics, or as influential, or as memorable novelties.

Are any songs missing?

Only the ones that aren’t available on Spotify. A list of these songs is shown in the playlist description. Ignoring these few, enjoy hours of listening in any of these precise eras.

I can’t get the songs to play in Spotify.

Try opening the app in the background first. Then click on several different songs and be patient. Sometimes the app is slow to respond at first but eventually catches up.

I found an error!

It was impossible to listen to every song while compiling these lists, and I expect to find that I made some mistakes along the way. If you encounter a song that appears to be the wrong version, please let me know. Send feedback to