Rewind the ‘Teens

As this decade draws to a close, spend some time reviewing the last ten years of your life. Here’s a sampling: 60 of the most memorable songs from each year.

Rewind the ‘Teens: 2010

An earthquake devastates Haiti … the financial recession continues … the iPad is released … Snowmageddon strikes the East Coast … the Winter Olympics are in Vancouver … the Affordable Care Act is signed into law … the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster … Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building … FIFA World Cup in South Africa … the Tea Party makes gains in the Republican Party … a financial bailout for Greece … WikiLeaks leaks about the war in Afghanistan … the H1N1 pandemic ends … the International Space Station has been occupied for an entire decade … in the U.S. midterm elections, Republicans seize Congress.

Rewind the ‘Teens: 2011
Gabrille Giffords and others are shot in Tucson … a tsunami sweeps Japan and triggers a nuclear disaster … U.S. Navy Seals kill Osama bin Laden … a shooting at an island youth camp shocks Norway and the world … the Arab Spring protests begin to reshape the Middle East … “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is repealed in the U.S. military … the Occupy Wall Street protests begin … Russia joins the World Trade Organization … Kate Middleton marries Prince William … Charlie Sheen is fired from Two and a Half Men.

Rewind the ‘Teens: 2012
Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for 60 years … a shooter kills 12 at a showing of The Dark Knight in Aurora, CO … the Curiosity Rover lands on Mars … the Summer Olympics are in London … The Avengers becomes one of the highest-grossing films ever … Hurricane Sandy devastates the East Coast … Windows 8 is released … Barack Obama is re-elected president of the United States … Twenty-six people, mostly children, are killed in a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, lauching renewed, ongoing efforts at sensible gun laws … Facebook goes public … the Mayan calendar ends without cosmic consequence.

Rewind the ‘Teens: 2013
Lance Armstrong admits to doping … a huge meteor strikes Russia and injures 1500 people … bombs explode at the Boston Marathon … North Korea taunts the world with missile tests … over 1100 are killed when a garmest factory in Bangladesh collapses … Edward Snowden leaks information revealing illegal activity by the NSA … the personal information of millions of Target shoppers is compromised … Google tries out Google Glass.


Rewind the ‘Teens: 2014

A polar vortex sweeps the East Coast … Disney’s Frozen is the top movie … the Winter Olympics are in Sochi, Russia, but global warming makes it hard to ski … opposition builds against the Keystone pipeline … Russia annexes Crimea and threatens Ukraine … Da’esh declares a caliphate and wreaks havoc … Ebola strikes West Africa … Scotland votes to remain in the United Kingdom … Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappears … the Black Lives Matter movement begins.

Rewind the ‘Teens: 2015

Europe struggles to handle an influx of refugees driven from the Middle East by Da’esh … the Iran nuclear deal is struck … Greece reaches a limit on borrowing from the E.U. … same-sex marriage becomes legal throughout the United States … Russia intervenes in Syria’s war … the Paris Climate Accord is created, and nearly every nation in the world signs on … a civil war breaks out in Yemen.

Rewind the ‘Teens: 2016

President Obama visits Cuba … a shooting at a nightclub in Orlando is only the latest high-profile mass shooting … the Summer Olympics are in Rio de Janeiro … at Standing Rock, protesters seek to disrupt the Dakota Access pipeline … Britan votes to leave the E.U. … the Trans-Pacific Partnership falls apart … an attempted coup in Turkey fails … Aleppo falls to Assad’s abusive Syrian government … the Zika virus is on the loose … Russian hackers assure the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Rewind the ‘Teens: 2017

President Trump’s inauguration inspires a nationwide Women’s March … the Mueller Investigation begins to look into Russian meddling in the U.S. election … Tensions with North Korea rise … the #metoo movement begins to reshape conversation about sexual abuse … massacres in Las Vegas and Texas fail to move the needle on gun control … the opioid epidemic is at full force … many hurricanes ravage the Atlantic Coast … Hurricane Maria wrecks Puerto Rico but inspires little sympathy from President Trump … Confederate monuments are coming down everywhere … white supremacists march in Charlottesville with the support of some in the Trump administration.

Rewind the ‘Teens: 2018

Humanitarin crises ravage Venezuela and Yemen … Trump travels to North Korea for a summit with Kim Jong Un … Jamal Khashoggi is brutally murdered in Turkey at the direction of the Saudi crown prince … the U.S. leaves the Iran nuclear deal … climate change becomes undeniable on multiple new fronts … Trump begins a trade war and cancels trade deals with many nations … the U.S. and Europe are demonstrably weaker on the world stage … Democrats take back the House of Representatives.

Rewind the ‘Teens: 2019

Two separate Boeing 737 MAX aircraft crash and kill everyone on board … mass shootings at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand … the Mueller report is published … Notre Dame Cathedral catches fire during Holy Week … Theresa May resigns as U.K. Prime Minister after failing to secure a Brexit deal, and Boris Johnson takes over … the Amazon rainforest is burning … President Trump pulls out of Syria, abandoning Kurdish allies and allowing Da’esh to gain a fresh foothold in the region … impeachment proceedings against President Trump begin, with evidence presented of bribery and obstruction of justice.